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Graphic Design Company

We cannot stress enough the importance of graphic design for your business. It’s an integral part of seriously optimising your marketing efforts across a wide variety of channels. Since a huge amount of consumers shop with their eyes, it’s only logical that you add more value to your brand with visual and textual content.
It conveys information and messages to your target audience in ways that simple text just cannot do. It gets their attention and keeps them engaged. We create compelling graphics using only the latest software and techniques. The role of graphic design today has moved far beyond traditional print media.
Our alluring graphics are created using typography, photography, and illustrative design. Combine this with visual hierarchy and sassy page layout techniques and you have memorable works of art. We offer our graphic design services to companies across South Africa. We will help your business push boundaries and set trends in the commercial environment.

Web Design & Graphics

It goes without saying that graphic designers need to have exceptional creativity. Their skills need to include web design, online branding, marketing and of course, accuracy and attention to detail.
Our designers understand their customer’s needs and requirements. We keep up with the latest trends that will help tell your story the way you want it to be told. We also offer you the option of customising existing branding.

Visual Communication Design

Transcending mere words and pictures is how we would describe visual communication design. Although graphic design and visual communication are similar, they are by no means the same. People process visual signs much faster than they would text.
Illustration, animation, video filming and editing are just a few examples of what visual design entails. We put together visual aids that will catch the eye of your audience and inform them about the products and services you have to offer.

Illustration Design

Simply put, an illustration is a visual representation of text. It basically helps describe or interpret content. They can be an extremely effective medium to use as opposed to photos. It’s a fine art that can be integrated into published media like magazines, books, video games, websites and a whole lot more.
Illustration is a powerful way to totally transform the look and feel of a design and get your message across via a multitude of platforms. At GeoTarget we draw, design, illustrate and create mesmerizing illustrations that will bring any brand to life.

Logo Design - Branding

Logos are so much more than just images. They are how your clients recognize your brand. It is after all your most valuable asset. Logos grab attention and make those all-important first impressions. They are the ones that last, aren’t they?
At Geotarget, we are specialists at logo and identity design. Bringing your brand vision to life and aligning it to your strategy are what we do. Logos introduce your company and help communicate ownership of the services or products you provide.

Here is what we offer:

  • Logo Design
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Email signatures
  • Posters

Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is an image-editing technique that we at Geotarget just love. It gives our designers magical powers. It is a process that involves modifying and manipulating photographs in just about any way you like.
Enhancing the features of a photo is a sure-fire way to improve the overall look and feel of it. Manipulating images can make them enticing and adds that professional look to it. It’s a beautiful art that we think could benefit any marketing campaign. Whether it be in magazines, ads, websites or newspapers – photo manipulation will turn heads and get your brand noticed.