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Now Is The Time To Level Up Your
Digital Marketing Efforts

by Colleen Mustard on July 3rd, 2020

It is now, more than ever, that your digital marketing efforts should take centre stage. It’s a vital part of making your business successful online, getting you to the top of search engines, and keeping you there. Digital spaces are where we believe small businesses can thrive during, and post lockdown. A lot of people suddenly find themselves at home and more often than not, browsing the web.

Adopting a fine-tuned online marketing strategy that keeps these website browser engaged should become the new norm. These days, you need to get in the game or get left behind.
GeoTarget is a digital marketing agency that utilises the power of the internet to help your business make an impact in South Africa. We are a small group of individuals that are fearless in our pursuit of getting you more leads, sales and customers.
We thought it fitting that our first blog post should be an introduction to the team that aren’t afraid to push boundaries in the digital marketing game.

Let’s Meet The Team

This is Stephen Forster

SEO expert, the head honcho. He’s your go-to guy if your website is in need of some crucial optimizing. Getting your site to the top of Google is what he does.

Generating leads, sales and customers is a job he takes seriously. Steve loves mountain biking in his spare time. Yes folks, he is a bit of a thrill seeker and he has the scars to prove it.

Meet Gizelle Naidoo

shes the face behind our eye-catching web designs. She takes pride in her work and it shows. Need a WordPress website that will dazzle? Gizelle will get that done.

We will even go as far as to say she’s a “website whisperer” Check out one of her web designs here. She’s an avid Jigsaw junkie so you will find her doing puzzles in her spare time.
Gizelle is also a Bollywood movie and TV series fan. She finds the inspiration for her web designs by researching and watching videos online.


This is Farai

He is our lead web designer and the other face behind our enthralling web designs. He works magic with his websites like you won’t believe. Entrust your web layout designs to him and you won’t be sorry.

In his spare time, Farai is an electronic athlete. Those are just a couple of fancy words to describe him being a video gamer. He is also a member of a chess club so he’s got skills.


Enter Max Mthembu

Graphic designer extraordinaire. If your business is in serious need of some eye-catching graphics, Max is the man that will get it done. He gets creative in mind-boggling ways. Take a quick look at his logos and banners here.

He can custom-create business cards, flyers, illustrations and more that will visually convey your message.
In his spare time, Max dabbles in drawing. He loves learning new techniques when it comes to illustration. He is also a bit of a cartoon and movie fan.
Colleen Mustard Social Media Marketing at GeoTarget

This is me, Colleen Mustard.

Copy writer, social media marketer and writer of this blog. I will boldly claim that I am inching towards becoming a “word wizard”

Researching what your business is all about and then writing content for your website is my job. It is my business to put into words what you want your customers to feel. I will also market your business with paid ads via social platforms like Facebook and the like.
In my spare time, I love watching TV series (a guilty pleasure), painting and spending time with my family.

Why You Need Our Services

And now we get to the bottom line of this blog. Helping your business succeed via digital marketing. Each one of us at Geotarget plays an important role in doing that. There isn’t really one particular job title that can do it all. (Unless you’re an absolute all-round guru) It’s a collective effort.

We’ve always stressed that it’s no use having an appealing website that can’t be found on Google or any other search engine for that matter. This is where you will benefit from our SEO skills. Web design, graphic design, and content writing are the other crucial elements to having a successful online presence.
Your website needs the right content and graphics that conveys your brands message the way you want it to. It’s no secret that we are living through a pandemic of epic proportions. A huge number of businesses today are struggling to keep afloat during Covid-19. It’s a crisis that has undoubtedly caused a colossal amount of damage to the global economy.
Social distancing and the cancellation of trade shows have caused many businesses to lose huge revenue. Consumer behavior is changing and serving your audiences online is becoming increasingly necessary.

Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact

We can’t predict the future that’s for sure. No-one really knows when this pandemic will end but we can shift our priorities. If you’ve never thought of digitally marketing your business, then now would be the time to consider it.
The smallest changes in your online marketing strategy can yield big results. We’ve experienced this first hand with the projects that we’ve been involved in. Just a few simple changes to your content can keep audiences engaged and entice them to use your services, or buy your products.
Digital marketing is a sure-fire way to enhance the way people see your business.
Till next time…I will leave you with a quote to ponder.

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” 

Milan Kundera,

Novelist, Playwright and Poet

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