12 Digital Marketing FAQ’s

by Colleen Mustard on July 3rd, 2020

Having a FAQ page on your website not only improves user experience, it allows your vistors to have easy access to all the basic company info they require all in one place. It’s a huge time saver for people with busy schedules.

It serves to inform, guide and educate consumers about your products and services. In this blog, I’ve compiled a list of just 12 of the most common and frequently asked questions about digital marketing, along with brief answers. I hope you find it useful.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a strategy that involves using the internet or electronic devices to market or advertise your products or services to consumers. It includes marketing on channels such as social media, websites and email using various devices such as smart phones, PC’s and tablets

What Do Digital Marketing Companies Do?

In a nutshell, they digitally market your company targeting the appropriate audiences across platforms like social media and websites. It involves designing websites, using paid ads on social media and increasing your online visibilty with strategies such as search engine optimisation.

How Can My Business Benefit From Digital Marketing?

The benefits are huge and there are many. Here are just a few. Firstly, it’s a low-cost way to advertise to the millions of people who use the internet on a daily basis. Secondly, it’s a powerful and effective way of marketing your business to a target audience. Third, it levels the playing field which allows you to be more competitive. Fourth, it’s a sure-fire way to increase your ROI and build brand awareness.

What is SEO And DO I Really Need It?

Search engine optimisation is a technical process that improves the visibilty of your website in search engines. It involves making strategic changes to web content that will generate quality traffic. It aids search engines in delivering relevant results to users. If your website is in need of increased exposure, then SEO is the way to go

Why Does My Business Need A Blog?

Blogs are a fantastic way to boost your SEO. It connects people with your brand and creates sharing opportunities. It’s also an exceptional way to develop a strong presence on the web. It provides readers with useful and relevant information on topics related to your business

How Often Should I Update My Website And Why?

The short answer here is that you should update it as often as you can. Once a month is great but once a week is even better. Content needs to be fresh and updated and customers need to be informed of any new products or services on offer. Updating it can also help you get more traffic, dominate the competition and enhance your SEO

How Long Does It Take To Get Results From My Marketing Campaign?

If you have decided to go the paid marketing route then results should show almost immediately. However, SEO and content marketing take a little longer. They require patience. Results can take anywhere from a few weeks to around 6 months to show. But hang in there, they will show.

What Is Content Marketing?

If your business needs to attract a defined audience, then content marketing will help. It is a strategic marketing method that focuses on creating relevant and highly valuable content that will drive profits, increase brand awareness and prompt consumer action.

Is Social Media Marketing Really Important?

Yes, absolutely. There are more than 3.8 billion active social media users today. The chances are huge that the audience you target are active on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Determine where they spend most of their time and take it form there. It is a low-cost and effective marketing method that boosts sales and builds loyalty. If you’re not utilising the power of social media marketing, then now is the time to do so

How Effective is Email Marketing in 2020?

If your email marketing campaing contains interesting, relevant and thought-provoking content for your recipients, then it can be even more effective than social media marketing. It’s no secret that a lot of consumers unsubscribe to email campaigns because they get annoyed and also bombarded with too many. The secret here is to slightly reduce the number of emails you send but increase the quality of the content. An inbox is where many consumers visit on a daily basis. Emails are a popular form of communication that can only strengthen your relationship with your clients

What Is a CTA And How Do I Write a Great One?

A CTA is a “call to action. It’s that tab that prompts consumers to purchase products, sign up for emails, or subscribe to newsletters etc. When writing a great one, keep in mind that they should be easy to understand, strong and more importantly, convince people to act. They should also be strategically placed on websites and emails. Here are examples of 3 types that actually work.

What Are Keywords?

These are words and phrases that people type in when searching the web to find products, services or almost any sort of information. SEO specialists will use these when optimising your website. It is crucial to any digital marketing strategy

Till next time….here is your quote of the day

“Your preparation for the real world is not in the answers you’ve learned, but in the questions you’ve learned how to ask yourself.”

Bill Watterson

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