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Grow your business and dominate your competitors
with effective SEO in South Africa

Local SEO helps your business stand out

If you don’t know the importance of search engine optimization in marketing your brand, now is the time to find out. Without a doubt, an optimized website will generate more traffic. Simply put, SEO is a strategy that will improve your website rankings in search results.
When searching for eg, plumbers or restaurant recommendations, customers rely heavily on search engines such as Google to help them find what they are looking for. Irrespective of the services or products you offer, people are most likely searching for what you have.
The dynamic team at GeoTarget knows how to identify the phrases and keywords that are tailored towards your target audience. We will then work towards ranking you highly for those relevant searches which in turn, converts to leads, sales and customers.

Professional SEO services

When searching online, a huge amount of customers will most likely click on the first 3 sites they see under the map. This is called the Google 3-Pack. This is where we will strive to get you. Do you ever go to page 2 of Google? If not, then odds are that potential customers don’t go there either.
Most B2B (business to business) buyers will search online rather than going into a psychical store when wanting to purchase a product. Online shopping has undoubtedly become more common over the past few years. Keeping your website fresh, relevant and optimised will increase the chances of consumers shopping on your website.

The power of optimising

Never underestimate the power of optimizing. Being highly visible on Google can only rank in your favour, wouldn’t you agree? Local SEO will digitally optimize your site so that you can get found in specific vicinities. The stats speak for themselves. Take a little time to read “Why SEO is important for your website”

Having a pleasant user-experience not only elevates the consumers trust in your company, it also builds your brand. Optimizing and digitally marketing capitalizes on these aspects. Having a strong online presence is the all-important key.

The bottom line and most important point is that you will stay ahead of your competitors. With that said… If you need to optimize your website in South Africa, get in touch with our SEO marketing specialists. We have a guaranteed  and strategic plan to get you ranked high on Google. Let’s get to work increasing your web traffic and converting them to sales.

Strategic SEO techniques

Designed to get you ahead of your competitors

Do you have a website but just cant be found online? Chances are that it has not been optimized correctly, or not at all. Investing in our SEO services will probably be one of the most fundamental marketing investments you as a business owner will make. SEO is a reliable and effective method of ranking your website in search engines.

Our SEO techniques will help your business to:

  1. Increase your brand awareness and generate the right traffic to your website
  2. Get an outstanding return on investment
  3. Generate leads and improve sales
  4. Help you build a loyal following
  5. Enjoy long term and lasting results

Here's why you need professional SEO services:

  1. Your keywords will be used appropriately
  2. Your website pages will be properly formatted
  3. You will have focused and optimized URLs
  4. Your site will have relevant and high quality content
  5. Your rankings will improve

We target the relevant audience for your business

SEO involves keyword research. We have established and experienced SEO specialists that understand the ins and outs of consumer search behavior. We factor in what phrases and words your customers use to search for your services and products and optimize your website to include them.

We study your competitors, your consumers buying behaviour and search intent and implement our studies to give you the best possible results and overall better user-experience. We use the relevant terms and add content that matters to your audience. We are also specialists at SEO for e-commerce websites with a large number of products and collection pages.

Get quality traffic to your website

If you’re looking to be found locally, our team is on-hand to get you ranked. We focus very strongly on getting quality traffic to your website. We will do a full analysis of your website and research and determine the best strategy  for your business goals. Let us rank you high for core keywords that will attract more traffic. Get the best value from search engine optimization and secure long-term growth for your business. Get in touch with GeoTarget today and improve the overall quality of your website

SEO solutions that maximize your ROI

Do you have an impressive, visually appealing website but no one can find you on Google or any other search engines? Then you need the services of GeoTarget’s SEO specialist. Without visibility across search engines, chances are high that your targeted audience will have a difficult time finding you. We focus 100%  on ranking your website  in search engines for the relevant keywords and phrases. Our results-orientated team research and study your market and come up with content that matters to your target audience. We are a reputable digital marketing agency that provides support to companies that are in need of business growth and reliable results. Get professional SEO solutions for your business today.

Enjoy the benefits of SEO today

We are equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to show up in the search results. Our fresh approach towards SEO services has quickly helped us become a results-driven company that strive to get you noticed online. If your website is not showing up online and needs to be optimized, then get in touch with us today.