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Web Design

Welcome to GeoTarget, where we specialise in all things digital marketing. Our
passionate team of web designers and developers will create websites that are
aimed at captivating and intriguing your visitors.

Visual Design

Visually appealing websites are almost impossible to ignore. That all important first impression is what determines whether a visitor will stay on your site or leave within seconds. The visual UX appeal is the initial introduction to your brand and we strive to make that count

Web Design South Africa

We create inspiring and custom-crafted websites that will then turbo-charge their way up the rankings on Google. We offer that because we understand the psychology of web design.
When it comes to UX design, or user experience, we excel. We comprehend the ins-and-outs of creating web content and user friendly designs that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.
We don’t just create websites that look great, we create platforms that move your business forward. For affordable website design in South Africa, it’s a no-brainer that GeoTarget should be the company that you choose.
Combining color, image, space and eye-tracking may sound like a load of mumbo-jumbo to the average person, but it’s what our graphic designers know best. They strategically combine these elements to generate maximum appeal.
 We constantly study the latest cutting edge user expectations, behaviours, and habits and then incorporate what we have learned into the creation of your site. Our web pages are designed to inspire deeper explorations and increase the ROI of your website.
Your website should be professional, approachable, and more importantly, user-friendly. Our content management system (CMS), which is essentially software that helps you to build a website, works to keep your website at peak performance, frequently updated and relevant.

Web Design Agency

The world is online- Your business should also be

Many reasonably successful business owners out there may think that a website is not relevant for them. Having a web presence will make a huge
difference for your business even if it is a profitable organization. Websites boost credibility, improve lead generation and increase your online visibility tremendously
Regardless of what industry you’re in, having a website will have an enormous impact on the success of your business. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or understand how to manage a website- we do that for you. We understand that the thought of having a website may be overwhelming. We are here to work with you and help make the entire process a stress-free one.

Why does my business need a website?

Not having a website means you run the risk of losing out to competitors who do have one. Many social media platforms do offer you advantages but they should count as business support systems and not a replacement for your website. Unlike social media pages, websites are your property- you own them. They allow you to command authority and are your badges of trust. They are platforms that inspire potential customers to take action from anywhere in the world.
Here’s why your business needs one:
  • Increase your chance of getting leads
  • Showcase your brand to your prospective clients
  • Get increased visibility and boosted credibility 
  • Your business will look professional 
  • They are essential platforms for local businesses
  • You have complete control
  • Improved customer service
  • Helps you stay ahead of your competitors 

E-commerce Website

E-commerce has very much become part of our everyday lives. It is pretty difficult to think about what life was like before the introduction of the world wide web. Electronically exchanging goods and services has become the norm. We now have instant access to the products we want.
Volume of sales, returning visitors and positive responses are all keys to a successful e-commerce site. We provide a range of e-commerce solutions ranging from one page to multi-category online stores with recurring billing. We will create the perfect e-commerce environment that inspires trust and rewards you with repeated sales. If you’ve searched for e-commerce websites in South Africa, then choose GeoTarget.

Here's why your business might need an E-commerce Website

An e-commerce business inspires growth and keeps your overhead costs low 

You're a new business

If you’ve just started out and sell a unique product, you might want to use e-commerce because of the relatively low start-up costs

You want to expand

If your store front business is just not reaching the amount of customers you want, E-commerce can help you reach customers around the country

You need to promote your offline store

E-commerce websites are great platforms for sending foot traffic into your physical store

You need to increase your ROI

Implementing a few SEO strategies to your website means an improved ranking and more customers finding your business 

You need more marketing opportunities

E-commerce websites are great ways to market your products at a lower cost than traditional marketing methods

You need an omni-channel experience

Moving away from a single channel model means your entire brand wont be invested in just one platform 

Website Redesign

It takes only a few seconds for a user to form an opinion about your company when landing on your website. Keep in mind that the all-important first impression is crucial. It is guided by the visual design elements of the page. We can transform a slow, out-dated website into something fresh and appealing.

We will also fully optimize it for mobile devices. We understand user behaviour, habits and expectation. A strategic approach, creative abilities and search engine optimization are all services we bring to the table. 

Website maintenance

Site performance directly impacts on Google rankings. In the digital universe, nothing is static. Elements are in constant motion and evolving at an ever-increasing pace. Our offer to include website maintenance will keep your online presence relevant and up to date.

For any website to provide a positive return on investment, maintenance is vital. Content and product updates needs to be done regularly. This will ensure that your website stays fresh, improves user experience and will always be a step ahead of competitors.

Web Design Services

Reach your target audience today!

GeoTarget has a team of dedicated, determined individuals focused on providing you with web design services that get you noticed. If your search for “web designers near me” has led you here, then you have landed on the right page. 

Are you ready to drive your business forward?