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Harness the Power Of Gifs in Marketing

by Colleen Mustard on November 3rd, 2020

Digital marketers are constantly on the look-out for new and exciting ways to improve their campaigns. Engaging audiences with eye-catching and engaging GIFs are just one of the ways you can communicate and effectively promote your brand across a variety of channels. Graphics Interchange Format, or GIFs are an innovative form of digital promotion that can be used in platforms such as blogs, websites, emails, social media posts and more.

Gifs were invented back in 1987 by US software writer Steve Wilhite. Yes, they have been around a lot longer than you may think. They are animated images or videos that continuously loop without the need to press a play button. Conveying your message with an animated image can have more of an impact on your audiences than written content.

Many social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and others have taken to integrating Gifs into their platforms. By using them in your campaigns, it shows audiences that you are paying attention to the latest trends. Your content will undoubtedly stand out in whatever platform you decide to use them on.

Where And When To Use Gifs To Market Your Brand

  1. CTAs – A call to action helps direct consumers to a web page and entices them to take action. Having an animated CTA makes it even more clickable and above all, fun. Basic CTAs can be a tad boring so adding that extra liveliness to it can increase engagement.

2. On Social MediaSocial media reaches audiences on a global scale and its channels are among the best marketing tools around today. Using gifs in your social media posts and ads are a sure-fire way to engage with customers in a fun way. They will give your posts and ads an edge over the competition.

3. To Show off Your Products A gif can make your product appear more appealing compared to a still image. Many large and well-known companies use gifs to showcase their products in a lively and vibrant way.

4. To Thank your customers Many customers like to feel special and appreciated so why not thank them for their support with a gif.

5. For Customer Support – Let your customers see that you are there to help solve any problems they may encounter. A simple gif showing a high-five or one explaining that you are there for support goes a long way in easing their minds.

6. In an email Email marketing has always been one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. Including an animated gif or 2 in your email campaign is the perfect way to promote your services or products visually.

7. Promote a new product or special offer Build customer excitement about your new products or up-coming special offers and sales with animations that get their attention.

What Are The Benefits Of Gifs in Marketing?

  • Firstly, you have to agree that they are attention-grabbing and fun. They allow consumers to easily engage and consume content much faster than if they read it.
  • They tell a story in ways that a still image just cannot.
  • They increase audience retention and showcase your brands personality as well as the fun side of your company.
  • They are mobile friendly
  • They are small sized files so they will not decrease your website speed the way videos do.

Consumers love them. Gifs can be made to involve your audiences and grow your business. 

Where To Find Gifs For Your Next Campaign


Giphy is one of the top sources for gifs and animations online. They have billions of the newest and best gifs and stickers to choose from. Simply type in your keyword or phrase in the search bar. You can share their gifs on social media or even embed them on a website.


Tumblr is another great source for gifs. They also have tons to choose form so you’re sure to find a unique one suited to your campaign. You can also find some great ones on Google Image Search as well as Imgur so go and explore.

Last Words

There’s no doubt that using gifs in your marketing campaigns can only yield positive results. They are simple and versatile tools that drive sales and increase customer engagement. Why not start using them in your next project.

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